Thank you to a very important sponsor

thank you 300The Riverhead Republican Committee would like to thank John Catsimatidis, a local business owner, for being a gold level sponsor at our recent “United We Stand” event on March 9. This was a great event showing the unity of the Republican Party of Riverhead. Over one hundred people were in attendance, including Rep. Lee Zeldin, Judges Alan Smith and Lori Hulse from Riverhead, and Family Court Judge George Harkin.


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Rep. Lee Zeldin on the Passage of his Counterterrorism Bill (H.R. 4314)

Rep. Lee Zeldin has released a video to help promote the Counterterrorism Screening and Assistance Act, which was passed in the House, coincidentally just hours before the terrorist attack in Brussels.

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Rep. Zeldin Makes Impassioned Plea on House Floor on Behalf of Veterans with PTSD

On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, hosted a bipartisan Special Order on the floor of the House of Representatives, regarding veterans’ mental health, and more specifically the Congressman’s legislation to expand the PFC Joseph P. Dwyer Veteran Peer Support Program (“Dwyer Program”) to the national level (H.R. 4513) and the Fairness for Veterans Act (H.R. 4683). Also participating in Congressman Zeldin’s Special Order were Reps. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Keith Rothfus (R-PA).

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Mason Haas for Riverhead Asscessor


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Mason Haas’ open letter on not seeking a second term as Committee Chairman

_JPA3590It has been an extreme honor to have served as your chairman over the past two years. Although exhausting at times, my task has taken me to all corners of our town and county, where I have met many great people. At this time, I will not be seeking a second term for the position of Committee Chairman.

I am honored to have served alongside you and to have done a service to the taxpayers and citizens of our town. It is with a heavy heart that I step down from this position, but it is a decision that I find is necessary at this time, for both my family and my reputation.

I have learned and experienced a great deal in my time as chairman, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have helped our party in both local and federal elections. I have seen the position of the Chairman go through turbulent times — now for the past four years — and am dismayed with some of the things I have witnessed and heard. It is with great disappointment that I have watched some continually attack this committee of volunteers in an attempt for their own gains. These threats and actions must stop for this party to continue moving forward. One must remember the pool of the people who have the time, energy, and interest to volunteer is not vast. We as a community must be careful not to put limits on the same.

When I took up the position I spoke with many of you and heard your voices asking for change, a change that would better us to serve our town and our party justly. I was unaware of the precarious situation on our horizon, and of the vast amount of time and energy that the post would take from me. Much of that time was wasted defending my reputation and my name. I had already served faithfully as a committee member and as an elected official in our town, and when the call came, I happily rose to the challenge. Would that I could say that we are as united as I had hoped we would be, come the end of my tenure.

While we elect a few who run our government, it is our group of volunteers throughout our town which complete us: ambulance members,  fire department member, little league coaches, PAL members, and let us not forget animal shelter advocates, along with many others. Their time and energy are what help mold our community into what this great town is.

I will continue to serve as a committee member for our party, and will offer assistance, advice, and council to whomever needs it or takes the reins. But because my constitutional rights were being stripped from me in an attempt to force me to step down prior to my tenure ending, I was forced to file an action to protect my rights, an action that a portion of the taxpayers are not happy with. For the betterment of this committee, I feel I now must step back from the position of chairman.

And so as I step down from this position, I want to thank you all, once again, for giving me the opportunity to lead our party. A special thanks to our county chair John J. LaValle for his respect and guidance. A second thank you to Marge Acevedo, the Democratic Riverhead party leader, for a non-turbulent relationship. It is a reminder that government can exist without the ongoing drama.

The two-year term that I had agreed to fulfill has now come to an end.  I simply completed my term.  I have made many memories and met many people, and for that I am grateful. I urge you to put aside differences and unite behind our slate so we may serve the residents of our town.

Mason Haas

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Primaries in Riverhead, Smithtown, and Southold need your volunteer help!


This Thursday, there are Republican Primaries in Riverhead, Smithtown and Southold and our candidates and volunteers are operating phone banks and going door to door to help get the vote out.  If you’re available, these campaigns could use your help.  If you are able to help any of the campaigns listed below, I would appreciate it.
Riverhead Republican Committee 
Candidates Jodi Giglio, Bob Kozakiewicz, Tim Hubbard & Bob Peeker
Instructions to Volunteers:  Meet at Riverhead Republican Committee HQ, 128 East Main Street (Above Vine & Hops and across from Suffolk Theater) on Thursday from 12pm-8pm.
Smithtown Republican Committee 
Candidates Bob Creighton and Ed Werheim
Instructions to Volunteers:  Meet at Smithtown Republican Committee HQ, 35 Manor Rd #4, Smithtown on Thursday from 12pm-8pm.  Call (631) 265-3007 to coordinate.
Southold Republican Committee & 
Candidate Bill Goggins
Instructions to Volunteers:  Meet at Office of William Goggins, Esq., 13235 Main Rd, Mattituck on Thursday from 12pm-8pm.  Call (631) 298-4818 to coordinate.
As always, thank you for your support of our Republican Committee!
Best regards,
John Jay LaValle
Suffolk County Republican Chairman
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Calm, Competent Leadership – Primary Election Day – Sept. 10, 2015


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Response to Riverhead Local Article July 29: Big trucks bill supported by Zeldin, contrary to aide’s statements at Riverhead meeting last night

Dear Editor,

It is deeply disappointing that you would publish a story that is so grossly misleading.

First off, the title of the article “Big trucks bill supported by Zeldin” misleads readers to think that Congressman Zeldin voted for a truck bill, which is astoundingly inaccurate.  You are headlining half a sentence of a 164 page bill as if the entire bill was that half a sentence. Why would you do that?

You then speak of the practical implications of that half a sentence as if these big trucks would ever travel east of the big box stores in Riverhead. You further fail to give the appropriate amount of consideration to the reality that the state and feds would be able to specifically block this truck traffic on the North Fork. The state and feds can work together to exempt segments of roads if they aren’t capable of safely accommodating trucks of that size.

H.R.2577, the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2016, which you are referencing, is a $55.3 billion, 164 page bill that funds the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It also funds Amtrak and the National Transportation Safety Board. This legislation is also an important funding stream for the LIRR, including $1.9 billion in capital grants to help expand bus and light rail service at the local level.

Additionally, the legislation included Congressman Zeldin’s amendment blocking the FAA from taking punitive action against East Hampton for enacting noise restrictions and forcing the agency to pay attention to the noise issue on the North Fork, an important victory for the East End.

You are referring to half a sentence related to trucks in a 164 page bill and then branding it the “big trucks bill” as if that had anything to do with the other 164 pages.

As you may know, Congressman Zeldin worked hard to remove from the NYMTC proposal the Cross Sound Enhancement Project to reroute 5,000 trucks per year through the North Fork.

If the Congressman voted no on the bill would you then be slamming him for voting against funding the Department of Transportation, Department of Housing and Urban Development and for allowing the FAA to take negative action against East Hampton Town for the enactment of noise restrictions?

Your article, referring to Congressman Zeldin’s District Director said, “Woolley, when confronted with this information by a reporter after last night’s meeting, refused to answer any additional questions. ‘You’ll have to call the communications director,’ he said.” What you failed to point out to your readers was that you were asking Mr. Woolley for his comment on “the Shelby Amendment”, which he was not familiar with because it is a United States Senator’s proposal, not a United States Congressman’s proposal. Is that really so unreasonable that he was requesting a reporter to contact the Communications Director?

Our District Director, Mark Woolley, is solely and completely dedicated towards serving the local community on Long Island. Congressman Zeldin has voted on almost 500 pieces of legislation since taking office in January. There is no way that Mark would know every single line of every single piece of legislation that Congressman Zeldin has voted on in Washington, DC, especially the “Shelby Amendment”, introduced in the United States Senate by Senator Shelby. That is why he referred you to the Communications Director, who would be able to research the Shelby Amendment and respond.

Congressman Zeldin’s record of fighting for his constituents speaks for itself and he remains fully committed to this effort, regardless of your unfortunate spin.


Chief of Staff
Office of Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-01)

Washington, DC Office:
1517 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Office: 202.225.3826
Fax: 202.225.3143

Long Island Office:
31 Oak Street, Suite 20
Patchogue, NY 11772
Office: 631.289.1097

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